This is a tool made by a GTA fan - "gtasa4ever" ... it's called SAMA (San Andreas Mission Analyzer) what this does is analyze your save game and shows you exactly what has been completed and what is required to finish your game to 100%.

The app even shows you on a map the location of the collectibles (Tags, Snapshots, Horseshoes, Oysters) so if you're missing a few it's easy to find them. Additionally it shows the location of the Unique Jumps if you love stunting this will aid you in finding some cool places to try your skills.

Make sure you read the "Readme.txt" included, NET framework 1.1 is required to use the GUI version or a Command line version is also included !

Author: "gtasa4ever"


San Andreas Mission Analyzer, Missions San Andreas Mission Analyzer, Map

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GTA SA Music Extractor

This program was made for just one purpose: extracting music from radio stations of San Andreas (PC version only). It uses the "Fire & Forget" ideology and is very easy to use. Run it, select a destination folder for extracted tracks and press the "Extract" button.

Program features:

Automatic search for stream files (in local folders and CD/DVD drives, including virtual discs.)
The ability to select the destination folder for extracted tracks.
Automatic moving of radio files to corresponding stations folders.
Automatic renaming of tracks with proper names of songs and artists.
Automatic merging of music chunks (special options for DJ-style mixing are available.)
Automatic generation of WinAmp-compatible playlists (.m3u).
Possibility to create one music file for each station.

Author: "Zombiek"


GTA SA Music Extractor

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No Splash Screens

A nifty little .dll that takes you straight to the game! avoiding the Splash screens (adverts)
for EAX Advanced HD & nVIDIA... it only saves you a few seconds but ...

Author: "TonyB."


GTA SA - No Splash Screens

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